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Song Samples From Our Mixing Services

The "Before" tracks are how we receive them, raw and unmixed. The "After" tracks are the mixed and mastered version from us at MusicMixPros. This is what we do, we add clarity, depth, frequency balance, panning, vocal tuning and more. Volume of the tracks will vary from each other.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Heidi Farmer a client of music mix pros top rated audio production service

Heidi Farmer,

"Drew was able to do such a great mix and master of a song I wrote and recorded.  I can't wait to hand over more projects to him.  Thank you, MusicMixPros."

The Scorched rock band and client of a top rated music mixing and production service

The Scorched,

"Drew Puzia was nothing short of amazing! He was professional, knowledgeable, dependable, skilled and patient. He was there every step of the way. Because of his work, we have beautiful tracks that sound better than we could have dreamed!”

Monsieur Perinè Grammy arists Drew Puzia wins mix contest for

This isn't a client, however it needs mentioning. In 2019 had a mixing contest. Over 2800 mixes were submitted using the raw tracks donated by Grammy nominated Latin artist Monsieur Periné. The judges were some of the top Mix Engineers in the world including Andrew Scheps, Fab Dupont, Michael Brauer, Greg Wells, and Toney Maserati. Drew Puzia of MusicMixPros took 1st place. 

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