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More Studios Are Now Mixing "Inside The Box"

MusicMixPros Eventide Audio

We, as mix engineers, can now do things that two years ago would be unthinkable. We live in times where we can add both vintage and modern day gear to create stunning mixes.

When you combine both modern and vintage emulations you can do some really amazing things with your mixes. More an more major studios are now doing their audio mixing completely within the computer using their DAWS. A lot of them are selling off their expensive rack gear and investing in digital emulations of that gear instead.

The advantage of not having to repair the audio gear or replace tube gives the modern day Audio Mix Engineer the freedom of doing their mixes fully in the computer or as it’s called, “In The Box.”

At MusicMixPros, we fully embrace the new direction of “in the box” mixing and look forward to seeing what the future holds for our industry.

Drew Puzia MusicMixPros

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