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Have a podcast that has noise in the background? We can clean that up for you. Send us your podcast for an evaluation, and we will promptly provide you a cost estimate.

Podcast Cleanup & Restoration (Per Hour)

  • Once full payment is made, we provide in a timely manner up to four revisions (per song) for a review of our work for full evaluation. We provide a fully mixed and mastered mix of the song(s) containing varied intermittent beeps. Once the mix and/or master's quality is agreed by both parties, the artist (or artist's representative) of the song(s) will be promptly delivered digital copies of the song(s) at 320 Kbps Mp3, and as a WAV file at the requested bit and sample rate by the artist (or artist's representative) without the intermittent beeps. ALL OF OUR WORK IS 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR FULL MONEY BACK. We are a work for hire and the artist(s) will always retain all rights to their song(s).

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