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Gear Review: Bettermaker Bus Compressor Plugin.

The best bus compressor that I have ever mixed with.

A bus compressor is really important when mixing music. Usually a bus is when you group several tracks of a similar instrument down to a two track channel for processing. An example would be running all the individual drum tracks like kick, snare, toms etc. into a simple two track channel leaving one or more pieces of audio gear to process those tracks together on the one bus channel. Some compressors are better than others to handle this task, VCA style compressors are the most common. Compressors can add color and warmth, also smooth out the volume spikes known as transients and glues the tracks together giving you a professional polished sound.

The Bettermaker bus compressor comes in both a hardware version and a software emulation plugin of the hardware version. The hardware version costs about $3,000 USD and the software version that is fully endorsed by Bettermaker can be found on sale as of this writing at Plugin Alliance for $40 with a regular price of $300, and they sound identical! Bettermaker is a top of the line well known company that only makes the highest quality sounding gear. The plugin I found to be nothing short of excellent! It is in my opinion the best bus compressor I have ever used. I have a full arsenal of some the best plugin bus compressors in the world, and some of these plugin emulations are exact replications of hardware gear that costs up to and well over $20,000! The hardware version of the Bettermaker bus compressor was a 2019 TEC awards nomination, and is taken very seriously amoung the professional audio engineers in the music mixing industry.

For any serious audio mix engineers out there who mix (inside the box) which is within their computers, this plugin is a must have! It is more transparent than anything that I have ever encountered. You can add some nice analog grit if needed, and there is a depth quality in it that is fantastic and yet hard to explain. Take a listen with the available demo at Plugin Alliance and decide for yourself. I am extremely impressed and glad that I purchased one. Hats off to Bettermaker for producing such a great bus compressor, in my opinion I have yet to find a better bus compressor.

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