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Has PreSonus Studio One V6 Become The Best DAW Available?

MusicMixPros Mixing and Mastering PreSonus Studio One Version 6

I'm a HUGE fan of PreSonus Studio One! Every 2 years or so, PreSonus updates it's DAW to a new version, and what is really nice is that they provide a lot of free upgrades between versions. PreSonus just announced their new Studio One Version 6!

A few years ago I left Pro Tools for PreSonus Studio One when I fell in love with PreSonus Studio One Version 3, and I have never looked back. At that time studio One was up and coming and a most people didn't even know who they were. What really impressed me the most was their workflow and business model. Since then, PreSonus went from a little known DAW to becoming stiff competition for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and others. The popularity of Studio One has grown dramatically over the past few years, and the demand for version 5 has been so great that it actually crashed the PreSonus website! I don't recall this ever happening to any other company releasing a new version of a DAW.

Musicians and Producers who haven't tried Studio One should really give it a try. The workflow is now much more simpler, and the DAW is more stable on my iMac. In my opinion, this DAW really is the very best, give it a try!

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