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Plectone Dual-Pulse, A Guitar Pic Review

MusicMixPros supports Plectone

Is it possible to give a guitar pic a review one might ask? Oh yeah but, It must provide something that no other pic provides. Bold statement because you have to ask, what does it do? Well, I have had mine now for over a year now and I will say it is the coolest tool/effect for guitar players since distortion. I especially enjoy using it on my Takamine and Ovation six string acoustic guitars. My first impression is still my last one and that is it is amazing.

All I can say is it sounds like something I never heard before from one guitar player and yet it is so pleasing to the ear. When I use it I get the sense that I am playing at a much faster rhythm or that there are two guitars playing, all while it is giving me a much thicker and fuller sound. If you click on the pic it will take you to their company website where you can purchase one as well as get more information. I have played guitar for over thirty years and I will say get one, it is great! A brilliant idea!

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