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The Right Gear For The Right Song

When I approach a song to mix or master, I look at the needs of the song first, then I look at which gear can help the song the most.  In today’s world we are not short of options, however using the right gear on the right song is important.  As an example, one of my all time favorite mastering equalizers is the SPL Passeq.  This EQ is clean and perfect in most applications. However there are times when a more colorful analog sounding EQ might work a lot better like a GML 8200 for instance. It really is all about using the right gear for the right song. But how do you know which is the right gear? That is when experience takes over. One professor at school once said "you're not there until you mix two hundred songs." I thought he was nuts, but you know what, after I mixed about two hundred songs I said to myself "no he isn't nuts, he is actually dead on right!"

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