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MusicMixPros Calls The Slate VMS "An Absolute Must For Any Studio!"

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Absolutely amazing! The Steven Slate Virtual Microphone System is not all talk. We auditioned it and found that this system can and does emulate eight of what is considered the worlds finest microphones really well, it also comes with two amazing virtual pre-amps that can add character and depth to your track.

The possibilities that Audio Engineers once dreamed of, now becomes reality. The microphone industry has to consider the importance of what this brings to the table. Some of the microphones modeled can cost well over $10.000 USD each and those pricy microphones can cost thousands of dollars to maintain as well. Fabrice Gabriel who has worked with Steven Slate on many successful projects is the main software designer, he and Steven Slate knocked it out of the ball park with their microphone modeling.

Also another really valuable feature of the Slate Virtual Microphone System or better known as VMS is that the original recorded track used with the VMS can be swapped out for another one in the VMS after the tracking session is over! We recorded an acoustic guitar in Pro Tools, duplicated the guitar track then put a different amazing microphone on each of the two tracks and blended them together to perfection.

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Steven Slate makes great products and this is what we consider their greatest achievement to date! We bought in and so glad that we did. If you add up buying all the microphones and pre-amps modeled in the VMS you could easily spend well over $70.000 USD. This system cost us under $1000.00 USD, the VMS comes with a hardware pre-amp, shock-mount, and a mic case too. There is really nothing in this price range that can compare to what this amazing microphone can achieve. The task of matching a vocalist to the perfect microphone has never been easier.

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